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What I sing to Julia when she is asocial and doesn’t wanna go out with me. Our friendship will never be the same.



Hashtag of the Day

When the guy you rejected keeps asking for an explanation, just say
#IchHabeKeineLust (I don’t want to)
and you have your
How was work? We were talking about refugees, because
#WhoElse and #OfCourseWeDid
I saw him and I was like
I should probably feel worse when I’m sending rejection emails, but I’m
Sending mass rejection emails and

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Hashtag of the Day

When my boss praises me I walk on clouds and feel like such a
When her colleague joins in, then I dominate and become a
We don’t have enough hashtags because
Not posts for over a week because
#Irresponsibility, and also
Not to discriminate or anything, but
No one on the train is (loud) like me because I am a

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TinaNo Good Day

Every once in a while we all have a day which could be better; could do with some make-up to cover up those blemishes. But sometimes, and this is a once a year type of situation, there is really nothing that can be done to salvage the day. No amount of begging or pleading helps. You just gonna crawl under your covers and hope it will be over soon.

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days. You can tell how bad it was by the amount of time it took me to gather the courage to write about it (see how good I am at finding excuses for my laziness).

It all started with a decision to bring my laptop to German class and go work at McDonalds (otherwise known as the place with free internet) when the class is over. The class starts at 9 am, so you better believe it is a feat to actually bring myself to carry my very lovely, yet extremely heavy laptop with me. But I struggle through it.


Feeling good about myself, even after the failure of my German speaking abilities, I set off to the nearby McDonalds. Not wanting to be a hypocrite and do what I’m accusing them of doing all of the time, I decide not to be a thief and actually buy a McFlurry (who am I kidding, those things are delicious-do they put crack in there or something?).

Sitting down right under a sign declaring free internet for 3 hours, I turn on my laptop. I have articles to write, money to make people and I’ve already missed my deadlines. Fingers stretched out and ready to type- only to see that the internet isn’t working. On the one day I actually care enough to bring my laptop with me. gratis-wlan-bei-mcdonalds_ffbf9465I try everything. I restart my wireless adapter, even my computer, to no avail. I need to put money on my phone account and refresh my package, as I’m all out of internet there too.  Grumbling under my breath, I go home.

Later that day, I go to ALDI (which is 5 mins from my house), wait in line for around 15 minutes and just as I enthusiastically announce I would like to put money on my card, find out that their system is not working and I need to go someplace else.

I eventually end up going to the someplace else, which is around half an hour away and put money in my account. Saying goodbye to 15 euro is always hard, but it’s made even harder when I realize that by putting more money in my account I don’t actually prolong the expiration date of the package.

This means that I have to use up my entire internet in 3 days. To be honest, that was a piece of cake. It did bug me that I had no internet after.Unblock-YoutubeFed up with everything, I give up and go home. With my YouTube and my bed. Where I belong.

The lesson: Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it buys internet- and that’s kind of the same thing. Also, McDonalds is a betraying betrayer who betrays.