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Wow, the second post in a row, we are being freaking generous! Let’s now admit this story happened somewhat in November (for God’s sake) and as Tina said its a #BlastFromThePast. And it’s all yours, totally in the style of our October-November adventures.

That would be fair to say that I started to fall in love with the Deutsche Post here. It is super fast, the delivery guy comes in 2-3 days after you order smth and as simple as that you receive your package. But I didn’t know that all of these could change.

I was sent a product to test and write a review for my PR side job (NOTE: successfully had quit the job by now). Well, firstly, it’s a PR sending so it’s kind of the benefit you get from a company (not in the money form). Remember it, we will need this later.
So, I was sent this package of menstrual cups from the USA, Portland. The company kindly sent my tracking number and took care of everything. I just needed to receive the box when it arrives. A couple of days later I received this letter that says that my package is waiting for me in the place named Zollamt. I kind of already saw where it was all going.

The letter also said that if I want it to be delivered by a delivery guy I would have to pay 28 Euro. I was not about to do that and was determined to go to this place with such an unwelcoming name and pick it up myself.
So, I had a 2 hours gap in my schedule and I was totally ready to devote the time for the package hunt. Little did I know what an experience I was about to enter. I took the tram and went to almost the last tram station. When I say ‘the last’, it means really, it’s out of the city in the area of factories and empty fields. It’s getting dark and I have 6% of battery. That is the picture that I saw when I got out the tram:

Yeah, it looks like a row of giant cans of paint. But I needed to go in another direction that didn’t look safe either. I was kind of doubting all this operation for a second (or good five minutes) as there we no people, literally no one except me. I use the maps and my phone shows 4% now, but I reach the place. That is the entrance just for you to know. DOESN’T. LOOK. WELCOMING.

Just to mention I watched the first episode of Stranger things season two in the morning that day and this place looked exactly as the evil research station or whatever they have there. Or as a military object. Both are pretty frightening. I entered one of the buildings, this eagle btw looks pretty awful for a peaceful institute like German Post.
I go upstairs and the place reminds me of a post office somewhere in a Russian city far from civilization. Everything looks very old and you can already smell bureaucracy.
I gave my letter to the lady and here the weirdest conversation happens. She asks who paid for the package. I say that the shop that sent it paid itself. I don’t know why but the next question is “What is inside the package?” I say “Hygiene products” (because that is what inside). She invites me to come into her room, places the package in front of me, gives me a paper knife and insists of me opening the package (because she has no right to do it. But. WTF is happening?). So I open it. And there are hygiene products. Now she believes me. Wow. The name and the address and checking my passport was not enough.

And then she says that I have to pay some percentage of the value of the package. Once again. To pay them for the product that I was sent for free. That is not how it works right? So they make me pay 10 euros (but I do as I just wanted to leave that place) for this awful experience and then as both post workers have no idea how to work with the computer they make me wait for 20 minutes until they manage to print the receipt.

Why was I writing this? I hoped this could count as a therapy session for I was too broke to have a real one.

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TinaForgotten Post

Right around New Year’s people start sprouting bullshit about their large metamorphosis into a creature of epic proportions, usually implying positive changes in their life.

J and I had no such claims: we knew that all this “New Year New Me” nonsense is nothing other than a poor comfort for those who can think they can make up for all the shit they got up to during the year in the first two weeks of January.

Now, now, before you claim me to be this harsh, consider what we did instead.

We went the complete opposite way and owned up our own failures and stopped even considering being responsible adults who decided to actually update their blog semi-regularly. And this brings us here.

No posts to speak of for over two months, and this one- that’s supposed to offer an explanation.

It all started in mid-November, when neither of us knew where our heads were. J was dealing with work, of which she had a tone, while I… Well, I was preparing for my grandma’s arrival to Magdeburg.

You read that right. The first thing I did with my “hard earned” money is buy my grandma tickets to come visit. I’m that girl.

Since I knew J was gonna be busy, and that I won’t have much to do at work, I told her that I would take care of the posts till the end of November, when both of our schedules would clear up some.

This is why you got random updates in every other format- those were all scheduled. But, it turns out my boss did have some stuff in store for me to do and as I spent all my free time with my gran, I never did get around to posting anything.

Even though we had a pretty nice posting plan, if I do say so myself. (Shush, I’m so not a control freak.)

The longer the no-post time went on, the harder it was to get in the groove of actually writing something again.

But boy, did some shit happen!

Just at the top of my head:

->Took grandma to the ballet to watch The Nutcracker, where she almost fell asleep and I fell in love with the prima-ballerina

->Spent a week living at a friend’s apartment and almost sprained my ankle leaving

->Had to move apartments and had no internet for a month (again)

->Had a crying brawl with my coordinator and consider just saying “fuck it” and going home

->Had (and still have) to deal with the most disgusting excuse for a floor in existance

->Celebrated New Year’s together and watched Putin’s speech at midnight (cause why not?)

->Got a new roommate, from Bosnia, who doesn’t speak German or English

->Went home for two weeks, where I was supposed to rest but ended up needing a vacation after

->Got a really cool writing job while home- super pumped about that (though I did feel like an intellectual whore having to write about some stuff I don’t agree on)

->Randomly found the German edition of The Hobbit (top 10 of my favs) for a measly 3€


More on that in the posts to follow.

Honestly, I can’t promise that we’ll do much better now when it comes to consistency.

It’s not even about being flaky, more about being extremely busy.

If you managed to stick it out this far- thanks!